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Easy Movement nourishes the joints by supporting healthy flow of Blood and Qi. The formula warms the channels of the body, expelling dampness, breaking blood stagnation to offer relief from joint discomfort, promote cartilage health and improve flexibility.

Easy Movement delivers herbs and nutrients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to keep joints and cartilage in optimum condition and improve range of motion. This proprietary blend Flowering Quince, Ginger and Jujube to calm and sooth irritated joints, reduce discomfort and preserve and maintain healthy cartilage. The formula is further enhanced with Kudzu, Cinnamon and White Dalia to promote flexibility and increase range of motion of shoulder, elbow, finger, knee and ankle joints. Easy Movement also contains Licorice, which is used in Chinese Medicine to enhance the action of other herbs and boost their effects.

Specifically crafted to help ease joint issues and improve the health of cartilage and other connective tissue, Easy Movement brings traditional relief to today’s joint problems.


Sooth and Calm Irritated Joints: Support healthy blood flow to joints throughout the body to ease joint discomfort with Flowering Quince, Ginger and Jujube.

Support Healthy Cartilage and Joints: Proprietary herbal combination supports the body’s natural healing process to keep cartilage and connective tissue strong and healthy.

Improve Flexibility of Shoulder, Elbow, Finger, Knee, and Ankle: The natural blood flow support in the formula promotes healthy range of motion.


  • Flowering Quince: used in traditional Chinese medicine to support healthy flow of the blood and Qi to relax joints
  • Ginger: rich in gingerols and salicylate to ease discomfort and help keep the fires of inflammation balanced
  • Cinnamon: delivers manganese to support the formation of connective tissues and strengthen bones
  • Jujube: used to fortify the chi and blood flow and provide antioxidants that guard joint health
  • Kudzu: enhances mobility by supporting blood flow to the joints including shoulders, knees and ankles, while promoting the body’s natural healing from stress caused by overuse or improper movement of joints.
  • White Dahlia: promotes health of cartilage and connective tissue that support joints, while enhancing flexibility
  • Licorice: used in Chinese medicine to enhance the action of other herbs


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