Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our HERbal Supplments

Nao (Brain) Cleanser

Our Nao Cleanser is specifically designed to improve cognitive functioning to give users improved focus, mood, mental clarity, in addition to a host of other mental benefits. The Shoukang proprietary blend dates back to the late 70s when a group of college students and professors approached the herbal master Dr. Ma to develop a blend that would improve their brain performance.

Fei (lung) Breathflow

Fei Breathflow is designed to support the health of your lungs by boosting immune system functioning and strengthening the respiratory system. When thinking about the lungs, our thoughts immediately go to breathing and a sense of renewal. It’s the harmony of the lungs that determines whether or not defensive qi (or energy) is strong enough to protect the body’s surface.

The Shoukang Herbal Story

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practiced for Generations

Shoukang Herbal Medicine is a family-owned business with generations worth of experience in Chinese medicine. My grandfather trained under a Chinese medicine master before receiving a PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine and holds an Diplomate in Chinese Herbology by NCCAOM Board.

Health and Wellness Achieved Through Sustainability

Our health and wellness are connected with the wellness of the human and ecological system. We build on our interdependence and practices that support biodiversity and social equity. These systems of traditional medicine that value small-scale, personal relationships.


The Very Best Products: Our Pledge to You

  • Authentic Raw Materials
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Standardized Potency
  • GMP Certified
  • Quality Assurance from herbal planting to finished products
  • CNAS Lab Tests

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